Refund Policy

ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. ensures the right of its users to request a refund if they are dissatisfied with the quality of services provided. Users also have the right to request a refund if they change their mind after funding their account.

  • General Conditions
  • Eligibility
  • Refunds or returns can be requested by users who have paid for services, such as transaction fees or account funding, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Refund requests will only be considered if all eligibility criteria are met. Failure to meet these criteria allows ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. to decline the refund request at its discretion.

  • Application Process
  • Users must complete a Refund/Return Form and send it to
  • ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. may verify all payments and related information. Users may be required to provide identification documents, payment card copies, invoices, or other proof of payment. Failure to provide the requested documents within three working days or doubts about their authenticity may result in the denial of the refund request.

  • Processing Time
  • ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. will process the refund request as soon as possible and notify the user of the outcome within the specified timeframes.
  • Approval or denial of the refund request will be based on a thorough verification process.

**Note**: Submitting a Refund/Return Form does not guarantee the approval of the request.

  • Cryptocurrency Transactions
Refunds are not available for cryptocurrency purchases. However, users can return purchased cryptocurrency, and ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. will buy it back at the current market rate minus a service fee. Users can exchange the cryptocurrency for other digital currencies or payment methods.

Reason: The constant fluctuation in cryptocurrency prices means the value at the time of refund will differ from the original purchase value.

  • Non-Cryptocurrency Transactions
Refunds are available within 30 days of the exchange transaction. A one-time refund fee of 5% of the transaction amount, plus any additional service fees, will be charged. 

Example: If a user purchases digital currency via MoneyGram and requests a refund, they must return the full amount of the purchased digital currency. ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. will refund the money via MoneyGram, deducting the transfer fee, resulting in the user receiving the original payment amount minus 5% and MoneyGram transfer fees.

  • Chargebacks
  • Initial Contact
  • Users are expected to contact ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. to resolve any payment issues before making a chargeback request. This does not affect any legal rights or claims users may have with their bank or financial institution.
  • Investigation
  • ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. will investigate chargeback requests and inform the user's issuing bank whether any service or transaction has been canceled.
  • During the investigation, ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. reserves the right to suspend the user's account and block funds.

  • Miscellaneous
  • Any charges incurred during the refund/return process will be borne by the user and deducted from the final refund amount.
  • This Refund Policy may be amended to comply with legislative changes. ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. will announce any amendments, which will take effect after notice is given.
  • Users who do not accept the revised Refund Policy should discontinue using ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. services. Continued use after changes take effect constitutes acceptance of the new Refund Policy.

For further assistance, please contact ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. at