Cookies Notice

ExchangeBuz Holdings Inc. and its group companies ("ExchangeBuz" "Exchange Buz" "we" or "our") utilize cookies and similar technologies on our websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps. This policy provides detailed information about these technologies and how you can control them. You can also access our Privacy Policy [here](link).

For general information about cookies, please visit [].

  • Your Consent

By using our websites, mobile sites, or mobile apps, you consent to our use of cookies by this policy or any alternate policy provided by the specific site or app. This policy supplements any other Terms and Conditions or contract provisions applicable to the specific ExchangeBuz service you are using. If you do not accept the use of cookies, please disable them as outlined below or as advised when you visit an ExchangeBuz site or app.

  • Withdrawing Consent

To withdraw your consent to our use of cookies, delete the cookies via your browser settings. Further guidance can be found below and at []. Disabling technologies such as JavaScript may significantly impact the functionality of our websites and apps.

  • Cookies and Similar Technologies

Cookies are small data files placed on your device when you visit a website. They help websites and apps function efficiently and provide reporting information. ExchangeBuz uses cookies to enhance navigation, remember preferences, and improve your browsing experience. We also use cookies to ensure relevant ads and content.

We employ similar technologies, including pixel tags and JavaScript, to perform these tasks. Pixel tags and JavaScript allow us to recognize visitors, monitor traffic patterns, deliver cookies, and measure the success of email marketing campaigns.

When you visit our websites, or mobile sites, or use our apps, we deploy cookies and similar technologies to tailor our services to your device and enhance security. We collect information about your device, browser, and interactions with our site, including IP addresses. Some technologies rely on cookies to function correctly, and disabling cookies may impair their performance.

First-party cookies are set by ExchangeBuz, while third-party cookies are set by other parties and enable third-party features such as advertising and analytics. Third-party cookies recognize your device across different websites.

Our websites may also use Flash Cookies (Local Shared Objects or "LSOs") for purposes such as fraud prevention and site operations. To manage Flash Cookies, adjust your Flash player settings as outlined in the [Website Storage Settings Panel] and [Global Storage Settings Panel].

  • Types of Cookies Deployed

Different types of cookies are used for various purposes:

  • Strictly Necessary: Essential for website navigation and secure access.
  • Performance Cookies: Collect information about website usage to improve services.
  • Functionality Cookies: Remember choices to enhance user experience.
  • Targeting Cookies: Deliver relevant advertisements based on browsing habits.
  • Compliance Cookies: Meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Third-Party Cookies: Added by third parties, such as YouTube or Twitter, over which we have no control.
  • Third-Party Cookies Providing Information to ExchangeBuz: Collect information to better understand our customers and serve targeted ads.

  • Cookies in Emails

We use cookies in some emails containing hyperlinks with unique tags to track how you interact with our emails. This helps improve future communications. To avoid cookies in emails, close the email before downloading images or clicking links, or adjust your browser settings to restrict cookies.

  • Controlling and Deleting Cookies

You can disable or delete cookies through your browser settings. Instructions are typically found in the ‘Help,’ ‘Edit,’ or ‘Tools’ sections of your browser. Disabling all cookies may affect the functionality of some pages and your overall browsing experience.